League To Employ Pro Numbering System

by NGL Personnel

In its best efforts to provide a professional presentation to fans and players, the National Gridiron League will employ a professional uniform numbering system by position similar to the National Football League. 

"There is a general expectation from a fan perspective of what amateur and professional sports look like. Professional fans have grown accustomed to certain traditions and we want to ensure we are falling in with those expectations. There are enough new nuances in which fans have to learn when attending an indoor football game we do not want to add on to that." said National Gridiron League President Joe McClendon, III. 

The system will require quarterbacks to wear numbers 1-19, running backs 20-39, wide receivers 10-19 or 80-89, kickers 1-19, defensive backs 20-39, linebackers 30-39 or 50-59, offensive linemen 50-59 or 70-79, and defensive linemen 50-59 or 90-99. 

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