Offensive Linemen Are A Prize

by NGL Personnel

ATLANTA, GA--  On every football play, the most critical work is done by players that receive little to no attention, the offensive line. Not as often cheered or publicized as quarterbacks and running back, the offensive line may the most important position in football.  

Many fans only notice offensive linemen when they make a mistake or get called out for a penalty. As National Gridiron League coaches continue their efforts to fill rosters with prize free agent players, one thing has become abundantly clear offensive linemen are the prize recruits.

Around every corner, a professional football coach turns or every email he opens, more wide receivers and defensive backs appear, that is not the case with the offensive line. Why are offensive linemen so challenging to find? There are two reasons, early retirement and skill set. Offensive linemen many times are one of the first positional groups of players to give up the sport post-college. Most burn out with the sport and unappreciative football teammates and fans.  And the second reason is a relatively simple one: skill set. Not many people are mentally or physically talented enough for the job. 

Offensive line play is a combination of intelligence, upper and lower body strengthen, and excellent footwork. Now combine all those essential attributes with the need for a six-foot to six-foot seven-inch frame, and it becomes unmistakably apparent offensive linemen are challenging to find. 

But just as with every aspect of the game, great coaches and scouts appreciate all of the journey as you may see league coaches doing their best in recruiting players to their team. Well, the secret is no longer secret, offensive linemen are the prize recruits. 

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